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Back home

The first thing my parents said when we arrived at our vacation house was “next christmas, we’ll go somewhere else!” Hands up for Sweden, but I don’t question all those people who go to Thailand over the break because the cold is sometimes a bit too much. The snow was up to my thighs, so the first thing we had to do was shovel in order to even get to the front door with all our luggage. We kept our gloves and hats on inside for a couple of hours, so you can imagine how difficult it was to get the house temperature up to a comfortable level!

I’ve never seen so much snow in my life, so I definitely got to taste a bit at what a ‘real Swedish Winter’ is like. To summarize, many cups of tea and novels have been a focal point of the break so far! Of course I’ve also had a wonderful time with my mum, brother, grandparents and cousin- especially dad though 🙂 I’ll miss cooking with him!

The only road to where we live had thankfully been cleared by a snow plow!


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Swedish Victory

I only got out of bed at 12.00 because I stayed up late to cheer for the Swedes competing in the cross country skiing mens 30km-and WOW. It was remarkable! I haven’t watched much of the Vancouver Olympics, so it was only luck that I happened to watch the last 10minutes of the race. At one point, Marcus Hellner was more than 20 seconds in front of the rest and the other 2 Swedish superstars took turns slowing down the chasing back by going up front and slowing the pace. Both the tv presenters and I were ecstatic while we watched the dramatic sprint at the end. The teamwork was extraordinary, and it ended up with a gold and bronze medal! In other words, a Swedish sports classic 😀

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20 days until I’m in Sweden :D

I can’t believe I have exams in 2 weeks; all I can think of is the winter break! I never get tired of going back to Öland (Sweden’s 2nd largest island) where we have a vacation house. I look forwards to the long refreshing walks in the evenings, playing golf, reading, eating good food, sleeping and watching tv! It might sound strange but that’s exactly what I want for my winter break-just to be. I don’t want any homework or arrangements; I just want to be spontaneous and do whatever I feel like. I barely ever watch tv at home because I never have time and it’s very confusing switching on the tv to be honest! (My dad works for UPC, the media company, so everything is very technical and complex according to me. There’s the dream box, tv, amplifier, wii, apple tv and the remote control…I have no idea how all of it works)

To me, Sweden is all about family. I get to see my grandparents, my mum and I go to our favorite café after some shopping, my dad and I play mastermind, and my brother helps me with golf!

Eating delicious ice cream this summer

Kalmar Castle in the background

Swimming in the sea at 10:30 in the evening

Beautiful scenery at the golf course

the clubhouse

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