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Swim practices

Just finished watching “let’s dance” (Sweden’s version of Dancing with the Stars) and have basically done nothing since I came home. I really needed some chill time after this busy week of meetings, collecting things for our Senegal fundraiser, school-work, and super intense swim practices! I think the other swim coaches at the SCIS meet in Athens influenced Mr. Spencer to suddenly start drilling us to exhaustion. He really pushed us this week with sprints and endurance workouts, on the clock, so the final distance has been close to 3000m each practice. On the bus home today, I had trouble talking to my mum on the phone because it was so strenuous to raise my arm!

All photos taken by my brother, Erik


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5km race…check!

I ran 5km cross-country yesterday in Vienna, and no I was nowhere near first place, but I’m proud of myself anyway! I always get so nervous before races, but I keep competing because that’s the only way I’ll be able to eventually get rid of my anxiety. ‘Long-distance’ running is equally mental as it is physical. The whole time I was just talking to myself, and had “you’re doing great” “you’re nearly there” on repeat in my head! That’s what got me past those energy-draining hills.

The cross-country team when it first began more than 4 years ago... We are now some 15 people on the team!

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Yesterday I met up Sophie and saw the European Team Championships 1st League that Budapest hosted! It was a shame that more people weren’t there because world class athletes were present including some of my idols from Sweden. In total Sweden came 2nd place out of 10 teams, and they qualified therefore to participate in the Super League that Sweden will host. I would never have heard about this if it weren’t for Sophie. It’s not everyday that you’re one meter away from Christian Olsson (won gold in Olympics for triple jump), Susanna Kallur, Johan Wissman and Emma Green! I also saw the 5000m  women’s race in which the Turkish woman who won, got silver in the 2008 Olympics!

Susanna Kallur after her race: 100m hurdles. She finished 4th and was clearly very upset because she refused to have any pictures taken together with her fans. We didn't give up though and saw her 2 hours later on the bleachers together with the other Swedish athletes.

And finally we could take a picture with her, so voila, Susanna Kallur and Sophie! We even spoke to her a little. She said she was disappointed over the race but she just has to be patient after being injured for 2 years.

Sweden after the Relay

The Swedish National Track Team in Budapest (2 last pictures borrowed from http://www.friidrott.se)

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I came third place in the 400m and 800m as well as first for the 4×400 relay today at the ‘Danube Valley Athletic Council Track Meet’! I can’t say there were many competitors but somehow this was a confidence boost telling me that I actually can run and achieve something. Track has been a great season. I’ll miss Coach Kish, Hollanda and Szabad as they move on and pursue other interests or challenges in their lives. I only realized today how committed and sportsmanlike everyone was, even in the pouring rain. Several times I grumbled at the puddles along the track and complained about my drenched shoes that weighed a ton. Still the whole team kept their spirits up and supported each other, so thank you everyone for making this season so successful!

'group massage'

Another team picture of the Blazers!

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I saw that some more pictures from the track and field meet in Munich had been uploaded on facebook, so here they are!

The whole team

Stretching before the races

Leanique sprinting across the finish line

The whole team with our third place trophy!

the girls

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Munich was a very intense trip, but I had a lot of fun! Basically our schedule looked like this: train 8 hours, track meet, go to our housers to eat dinner at 10 p.m, sleep, track meet, and train again! Overall we came third place, so I’m really proud of everyone on the team. It amazes me how everyone improved their times by so much, and the competition was very tough. Although I only got one point for the team, I’m happy I traveled and took part in the team spirit! Sophie’s mum took a lot of team pictures, but here are some good moments from the trip bellow.

Sophie winning the 100m sprint and Leanique got 6th place out of roughly 15 girls!

Leanique with the 'winning baton' (from the university of Penn track meet) at the start of the relay

Leanique in action; the girls won the 4x100 relay!

I thought this picture was hilarious with Mrs. Hollanda massaging Xiang, who competed in shot-put and discus!

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I can’t believe I’m traveling to Munich on Friday for the High School SCIS track competition! I’m running 400m, 800m and the 4x400m relay. The season has sped by, and here I am panting, and getting cramps with shaky legs… Why do I always seem so out of shape??

Petra and I 2 years ago

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