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I’m finally done with my first draft for my extended essay! It’s actually been quite fun writing it, and I’ve learnt a LOT- everything from Hungarian politics 1944-45, to Sweden’s relations with the Soviet Union, to the implications of being a neutral diplomat during WWII. The only slight problem is that I have written 1000 words too many! Well at least I don’t have the opposite problem. I’m very thankfull that I had the chance to meet up with Ágnes Harrach before the summer holiday; she’s translated some of Raoul Wallenberg’s letters to Hungarian and has a keen interest in Raoul Wallenberg who I was researching. Not only did she assure me that I could contact the previous Swedish Ambassador to Hungary if I had any specific questions (he was very involved in finding out the fate of Wallenberg after he was last seen in 1945), she also gave me some rare books that I could borrow. One is the 1st edition of Valdemar Langlet’s Work and Days in Budapest published 1946. Langlet worked for the Swedish Red cross in Budapest at the same time as Wallenberg worked for the Swedish Legation. Another book she gave me to read (What Happened in Budapest) was originally published in 1949 by Lars Berg, Swedish attaché in Budapest and co-worker of Wallenberg. Nevertheless it disappeared a couple of weeks later; probably bought by the Soviets who thought the memoir said too many unpleasant truths about them. Thus, it was re-published in the 1980’s. This time with the title: The Book that Disappeared.


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