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Good bye Oxford!

Oxford has been great, still I’m looking forwards to going home now to see my family and have my own shower. Thank you everyone for great memories!

A small part of the group


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Brick Lane

Here are the final pictures from my week-end trip to London:


Street Entertainment

All the food stands reminded me of AISB's yearly international festival 😀

The market inside was crammed with unique pieces and cheaper copies of high street brands

belts, bags, jewelry - you name it

Reminds me of Geri Halliwel

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At Felicity's grandmother's house on Saturday evening.

I love this picture of us

We walked through Greenwich park and the Royal Observatory on the way to the market

The best candy store!

Their fudge selection was out of the ordinary, and we ended up indulging ourselves in caramel fudge while making our way into the city-centre.

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Today I went on a fantastic “Film Tour” around the city and saw some of the settings that were used for the first two Harry Potter movies, The Golden Compass, Iris, James Bond-Tomorrow Never Dies and Brideshead Revisited. There was even some filming going on today for a British detective drama series, but of course that area was closed off to the public…

In the meantime, we also got to look around the beautiful universities and learnt a lot about famous people who have attended Oxford. We passed by the college where 13 British Prime Ministers were educated, and I learnt that Oxford is basically built on top of an underground library that only professors and students have permission to enter if they sign an oath and follow many other regulations like only bringing pencils in and absolutely not any pens! The Bodleian Library dates back to the 14th century and has millions of books on its shelves- one of them being the Gutenberg Bible. To say the least, I was very impressed!

I also learnt about some of the formal rules you have to follow being a student at Oxford. For example, the length of the gown changes depending on the degree of the student’s education, and students often wear a carnation in their button holes during exams. The flower is white for the first exam, pink for the ones in between and red for the last one.

Last friday, all the students of Oxford seemed to have gone through their graduation ceremony so you could see people in gowns walking all over town with their proud parents !

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Finaly I found someone who had a sony camera with them and a suitable cable, so I will spoil you all with pictures from day one in London!

Beautiful Felicity in front of Camden Lock Market

The candy-coloured atmosphere of Camden

They sold absolutely everything including these delicious cupcakes

I couldn't resist the unique pieces of clothing!

After a couple of hours strolling around the shops and Camden market, we took a well-needed break at "EAT"

Then we went back to Oxford street with focus on Urban Outfitters....

...and Topshop

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I can’t describe how much I enjoyed seeing my best friend Felicity, and not only anywhere, but in my favorite city London! I really do miss living less than one hour away from Charring Cross; it’s only when you move away that you learn to appreciate it. Well we had a terrific time and in only a few seconds, it was like we were back on Napoleon Drive giggling at something fun we had done together.

Saturday consisted of a lot of shopping on Oxford Street, queuing to the changing rooms in Abercrombie, strolling around Camden market, a healthy lunch at ‘EAT’ and some more shopping. Felicity’s grandmother was really kind and let us stay in her Greenwich townhouse where we had a delicious dinner, a glass of Rosé, and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (I love that movie!) At the same time, I could catch up on some Marden gossip 😀

Strangely enough I managed to wake Felicity up relatively early (she could sleep for days), so we could make our way to Greenwich market. If you haven’t been there, it’s the most picturesque and stylish market ever. There is no junk at all, and I could have stayed there the whole day. In the end, we bought some mouth-watering toffee fudge and second-hand books for a fraction of the price that they would cost in Waterstones. After that, we managed to get lost several times while trying to get to Aldgate East where Bricklane Market was. However, it seemed that the entire London underground was under construction work – or as they said, all the lines are working except for the Jubilee Line, Hammersmith & City Line, Northern Line from Kennigton and As you understand, it took a while for us to get there!

Well finally we arrived to the wanted destination although it did look quite dodgy at first, and I didn’t see a market in sight for 15 minutes! After a couple of blocks in which we seemed to be the only ‘tourists’ we came to what I’ve always wanted to go to. Brick Lane Market! And Wow- I just have to go there again and bring my mum. If you’re looking for vintage, unique jewelry, glittery cupcakes, leather goods, exotic food, Indian candy or cd’s, and have the opportunity  to visit London, you cannot miss this place! One of the most genuine and extraordinary markets I’ve ever been to. I simply loved to just soak up the exuberant atmosphere, and of course I couldn’t go away without buying an ‘eccentric little something’ as a memory of the wonderful market that has a life of its own.

As we turned off Brick Lane towards Old Spitalfields market, the stalls turned out to sell more junk and it seemed as if the people sold anything they could get their hands off, but in general, I was very impressed by the abundance of unique clothes and accessories. Not to forget the cheap and tasty international food we ate for lunch (Morrocan Spinach and herb pancakes.)

Overall, I had an amazing time and I feel like an expert now on taking the tube in London! I came home with more than 250 pounds less in my wallet but with 1000 times more wonderful memories- and some nice clothes as well!

I miss you Felicity and I’ll make sure that it won’t be 2 years until we see each other next time!

Back in Oxford and as happy as can be

A hair accessory made out of lego that I bought on Brick Lane!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to upload any pictures, which is very frustrating because I left the cable in Sweden. However, I’ll ask around tommorow if someone has a camera cable for Sony cameras so I can more quickly show some of the pictures from Sweden ,London and Oxford!

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