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Náncsi Néni

In between all the work I’m doing before school starts (and updating posts about my trips over the summer), I met Floorke for dinner at Nánsci Néni yesterday. It’s a really traditional Hungarian restaurant; I can’t say the food is the best, but it’s convenient because it’s biking distance from both Floorke’s and my house. We were there for about 3 hours and had a lot to talk about after not seeing each other for more than 2 months! Apart from that we had a really creepy waiter. Asking us 2 or 3 times if we wanted a blanket, was a bit annoying. But then it became too much when he kept on saying “there you go beautiful girl” whenever he gave us a dish or a drink. Not to mention that he asked for our phone- numbers to (now this is the most hilarious part!) practice his english!?! Now come on??? Possibly if I got paid to teach him haha, well naturally we didn’t give him this. Finally, we wanted him to take one picture of us. Taking one here was definitely not enough, it seemed, so he kept on taking photos while Floorke and I laughed nervously 🙂


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I’m officially done with 11th grade! It’s gone by so quickly; I remember thinking about how I would never be able to hand in all the internal assessments, complete my orals, and study for exams at the same time! But I managed, just like everyone else. Next year will go by even quicker and be a whirlwind of chaos, but I’m prepared to take on the challenge after a 9 week break. Of course I have to write my extended essay, world lit. paper, economics internal assessment, economics project, and read for environmental systems over the summer, but that will only be a small part of it all!

Overall I’m very proud of my progress this year. I’ve realized that good things don’t come easy and that there’s no magic solution to success- just ‘plain old hard work’ as Michelle Obama said recently in an interview. Naturally the first year of IB has been tough, but it’s after overcoming these obstacles that I’ve grown the most. Despite my econ. exam not being the best, I still got the academic excellence award for economics and history, so that was a surprise- but an appreciated one 🙂 As for english, I already bought 2 books (A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Bell Jar) for the money I got from Mr. Burns. I look forwards to reading them on the plane tomorrow. I’m also very happy for receiving the CAS award. Most of all, however, I’m so happy for my brother because he won the citizenship award for 10th grade which he deserves to 110%!

Unfortunately I don’t have a single photo from when Eva was here, but the memories from our weekend together are strong enough! In a way it was just like we continued from middle school when she left, and I think we both perceived ourselves to have not changed one bit! We went out for lunch at Pomo D’Oro, walked around the city centre, did some shopping, talked a LOT, saw “Never let me go,” and had luxurious cake and coffee at Hotel New York. It has been a great couple of days; I’ve done everything from bowling, gone out to Wasabi with friends, wall-climbing and yoga for our high school field day, and today Evelyn, Csilla, Federica, and Petra organized a surprise leaving party for Alexia and Nora. I’ll miss them a lot- especially from history class which was always fun and interesting with them around. Everyone had a good time dancing and talking about their summer plans. It was even better considering that the party was at the Belgian embassy, and omg, what a house! I wish I could see the parliament, and Matthias church from my terrace, as well as having a couple of dozen ‘extra’ rooms all over the place. I seriously got lost!

Eating at Wasabi to celebrate the end of exams

Taking a break from bowling for Evelyn's party

'Field-day' - just before we attempted the wall climbing!

11th grade won the high-school class competition, so the prize was sushi, ice tea, and ice cream!

last day of school

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Old photos

Talking about “old” friends and fun memories from middle-school, I actually logged onto myspace after not having used it for 3-4 years. It was really fun seeing all these pictures that I had completely forgotten about!

Eva and I in NYC 2008

This was 2007 in my back-garden. Don't ask me what on earth we were doing!?!

Sophie and I in 7th grade

Sophie, Hanna, and I in Zurich for a track tournament 2007

Felicity and I a couple of years ago in England ❤

Last summer in Greenwich, London. We haven’t changed too much!

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Cake Buffet

I’ve had a great afternoon; full of friendship and just random conversations about anything! We celebrated Floorke’s 18th birthday at the Marriot hotel here in Budapest. They have a great cake buffet there, so we indulged ourselves in sweet delicacies.


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Thank You Floorke!

Floorke organized a really fun ‘girls-night’ two days ago. We had chocolate fondue, talked a lot, watched a movie and ate Mizuki’s delicious sushi that she had made.  Also, Floorke had just gotten her puppy who was adorable ❤ We all agreed that we should get together more often!

It took us some time to understand how the chocolate fondue 'apparatus' worked!


All of us and of course Bells, the puppy

Mizuki and Yeonwoo

And the puppy again! Her fur was so soft; she looked exactly like the golden retriever in the 'cottonelle' toilet paper adverts!

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A couple of days ago

On thursday, I could finally get the exam hysteria out of my mind and enjoy a dinner out in town with my closest friends. We went to a cosy restaurant  just off “Andrassy Ùt” and stayed there for a couple of hours. I think it’s suffice to echo the words of  Rebecca Gayheart: “Ah, girl talk. It’s so refreshing to be with such cool, smart women.

Thank you girls for a great evening!

Evelyn and Floorke

Sophie and I

On the way home. We took public, and for the first time ever, I actually looked forwards to taking the metro back to moszkva tér because it was freezing outside!

I asked a tourist if she could take a quick photo of us, and as you can see, she was in quite a rush!

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weekends at their best

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of days! Thursday was Thanksgiving break, so Evelyn and I decided to meet up in town. We had lunch at the Hummus Bar where I ordered the usual: falafel and hummus of course. Then we did some shopping and tried on some of the spectacular dresses from the Lanvin ❤ H&M collection. I thought there wouldn’t be any clothes left from this super hyped up collaboration with France’s oldest couture house, but to my surprise there were quite a few pieces left including shoes, coats and jewelry. In other words, if you want to get your hands on some of these limited collection pieces, you should definitely shop in Budapest because no one seems to know about it!

Evelyn tried on one of the beautiful dresses in a size 34. Still it was an explosion of fabric and took up the entire dressing room!

This evening, my mum, brother and I had dinner at Café Déryné. (It’s always a safe card.) After that, we decided to meet up with Swedish family friends I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. We lived in England during the same time and frequently celebrated new years together. My mum saw them yesterday, but my brother and I didn’t have the chance to see them then, so it was great catching up! There really is something special about being in the company of old friends. You can laugh at yourself, not worry about being judged and simply carry on from where you left of. My stomach actually  hurts from all the hilarious memories I had forgotten about!

Since it started snowing on friday, I have switched my trench coat and converse for a winter jacket and boots.


It’s past 1 a.m, so I should be going to bed soon. It’s sunday tomorrow which = work. Good night!

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