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Although neither my mum or I were feeling too well yesterday, we still went into town and spent over an hour in H&M. I ended up buying a top and a cute dress that I can’t wait to wear when it gets warmer. (Now if only I could get a tan on top of that!) After that we went to Indigo for lunch, as their onion bhajis are literally impossible to resist! We finished our outing with a Starbucks coffee and The King’s Speech, which was really good. Although most of the viewer’s were quite old, not to mention the actual actors in the movie, I enjoyed it a lot. It even made me want to look up George VI actual speech and youtube him saying it! Also I’m a fan of Colin Firth (despite his age), and we’re studying the inter-war period in history, so that made it better. While watching the movie, I realized that someone’s speech really depends on who they are talking to. Personally I notice myself stuttering occasionally when I feel intimidated by someone, so that aspect was emotional. I hope Colin Firth gets an Oscar for his phenomenal achievement!

Vintage Levis Jacket and colorful H&M dress; this is what I want to wear summer 2011!


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Bonjour Bordeaux

It was a while ago since I last wrote a post here on my blog, but that’s because I’ve been having a great time here in sunny Bordeaux! In just one week, I’ve gone to the seaside, climbed Europe’s largest dune, gone to a French pool party, eaten gourmet food, shopped, visited France’s second largest printing press Sud Oeust, stayed in the French countryside over the week-end amongst fields of vinyards, and met new friends. I even managed to get lost on the way back from school once so I ended up at the airport! Luckily the bus driver was very kind, so after one and a half hour I was home. Believe it or not, je parlais un peu de francais aussi.

The whole trip has been above my expectations; although, I miss my family and beautiful Sweden. Vous me manquez! I’ve taken a lot of pictures, but for now, I’ll add some that Rebecca Mekler took.

Rebecca and I

Ben and Jerry's ice cream is a must in 38degrees heat

In the middle of the sand dune

The beach

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I’ve been so bad at updating recently because of all the exams and the hardrive for my iMac broke last week… It should be fixed within the next couple of days, so for now I’m using my brother’s laptop.

As for school, I’m glad it’s over because I really needed this holiday. I’ve gone to town every single day since Friday, eaten good food, found some unique clothes, met friends and watched movies as well as some FIFA World Cup thrown in here and there. Could it be better?

Yesterday I saw Sex and the City 2 with Evelyn and after that my mum took me out to Café Dernye to celebrate the end of the school year! She was proud of my awards, which I’m very grateful for because I’ve worked so hard in those classes.  For English, I received a gift voucher at Libri so I’m definitely going to buy some good books for that money. Nevertheless, I must admit I was quite jealous over some of the gifts my mum received from her students. She came home with a Louis Vuitton address book in leather, and a 12,000 forint gift voucher at Douglas among others. Typical when my mum doesn’t even wear much make-up 😀

Now I’m just going to relax, try not burn myself on the patio, read a lot of books and write a long letter to Felicity. I haven’t seen her for two years, and I’m going to meet up with her in London in a couple of weeks. We’re going to stay in her grandmother’s house. I can’t wait to go shopping on Oxford Street and find some good deals in Camden Lock Market while being with my best friend!

London last year

Camden lock market

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I’ve finally decided to post some of the pictures from the Vintage Fashion Show that I helped organize a few weeks ago. Mulan was the amazing photographer and the models looked great with their confident walks and unique clothing! I think this really shows that ec0-friendly clothing can be fun and most definitely personal. I hope we’ll continue this tradition for every earth day because I loved setting up this fashion show! All the proceeds went to support a micro-credit initiative and most of the looks have been sold, so I think we all did a great job.

Evelyn and I introducing the fashion show

Yingzi wearing a cute top that was originally a dress (look designed by Hunter)

Sarah modeling a second-hand blouse and kilt/skirt that was shortened for the show (look designed by Emma)

Hunter modeling her own design: a restyled second-hand shirt

Vidushi rocked the runway wearing a restyled men's shirt (look designed by Hunter)

Balint striking a pose in a studded second-hand GAP sweater (look designed by me and Evelyn)

Florian wearing Hunter's design

Vidushi modeled a unique unique dress that Hunter made from a cardigan

Evelyn was beautiful in the dress that we updated and flower that we added gems to.

Li wore a dress that she made 'backless' and a jacket with added studs (look designed by herself and Lisa)

Lisa wearing vintage and Li with clothes mentioned above (looks designed by themselves)

All the models at the end of the show

I thanked everyone at the end and here Mrs. Malten, who was basically the 'founder' of vintage CAS, can be seen receiving flowers that the designers bought.

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I went out today with my mum and brother for dinner, and I must say that Budapest is absolutely gorgeous when it’s 23 degrees at 10 in the evening. Liszt Ferenc was packed with people, so all you could hear was the carefree chatter and laugher of both tourists and locals. I look forwards to spending my Saturday evenings like this for the rest of the summer!

I wore shorts for the first time this year

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I’ve had so much work today writing my extended essay and completing my math project, so my mum surprised me by booking a shiatsu massage for me! It was very relaxing and exactly what I needed. I can’t help but to stress over my academics and track and field. I’m traveling next week to Munich to compete in middle-distance running, and I feel so out of shape, uncoordinated, uncertain, and guilty. I haven’t been able to come to as many practices as I would have needed because of global issues and the vintage CAS project I worked on.

I’ve officially decided though that this is my last year of running track and field. I have no motivation any more, and my competitiveness has completely drained out of me. Sports will always be an interest of mine, but it doesn’t have to be hard-core training every day and constant pressure to get points for my team!

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I just came home from the coolest 16th birthday. Raquel was a fabulous host, and we all had a terrific time at the restaurant and in the limo that drove us around Budapest! Unfortunately my dad has the family camera, so I took some pictures with my webcam instead. More pictures from the actual party coming soon 😀

The dress I wore

Everyone invited received a mini Esterhazy cake

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