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I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the delicious kimbob that one of my mum’s Korean students made. So sweet of her! Now if only this seaweed and super- healthy-looking food will make my snivels and headache go away 🙂


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Dad’s back!

If you haven’t already noticed, I love good food and my family, so the combination was excellent when my dad came home from Luxembourg on Friday and we went out for dinner. He will be working there for the next couple of years, so we have to take advantage of the times when we see each other. We went to Café Dernyé, which is a very  hip place and you can see the chefs prepare the food only a few meters away.

strawberry lemonade

My dad and I had crab and oysters for starter. Oysters always remind me of France when we went their with our family friends and had picnics on the coast with loads of fresh seafood. I miss those days ❤

I had salmon/ricotta cheese tortellini with spinach and caviar for maincourse

crème brûlée

my brother

The street of the restaurant

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Down-town Budapest was absolutely full of cyclists today; it was great to see so many different age-groups and people coming together to do something in common. What better way to socialize, exercise and be environmentally friendly at the same time? My dad was a bit frustrated driving the car, as he loves biking. Nevertheless, it’s these kinds of things that expats have no idea about! If someone would ask me about a major news headline in Budapest, I would have no idea…

I’m not very competitive with sports, but I love biking during the summer months. I remember last year when Naomi and I cycled all the way into town, which is roughly 15km, and ate delicious Italian ice cream on a park bench next to retired men playing chess!

One of the less crowded areas in Budapest today

We ate delicious tapas for lunch, and I found some great presents for Raquel and Jaqui who had their birthdays a few days ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to Jaqui’s, but Raquel is celebrating hers on Friday. I can’t wait until then, as she has invited roughly 20 people to my favorite restaurant Café Deryné and has organized so that we will be taken around Budapest by limo afterwards!

We didn't go hungry after this 😀

First day of the year that I didn't need my jacket!

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Birthday cake!

Yesterday my dad turned 45 years old, so of course we celebrated that with lots of cake and presents!

I made the cake 🙂

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I had so much fun with Evelyn and Ying-zi yesterday! We saw ‘Dear John,’ and then walked around in some of the shops to find some accessories for our vintage fashion show on Friday. (The seamstress finally finished altering one of our dresses!) Evelyn later came to my house where we made lunch together and worked on finishing some of our last pieces for the show. We didn’t have any pieces for guys which was somewhat of a problem considering that half of our audience will be guys! Nevertheless, we managed to come up with something cool by attaching studs on a second-hand plain gray sweater from Gap. Hopefully it will sell, but we still need to decide where the money will be going to…

Spring salad with quinoa, asparagus, brocolli, cucumber, avocado, paprika and so forth with fresh pesto as a side dish-very easy to make!

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My mum and I had a ‘girl’s day out’ yesterday, so we walked around in the city, had a coffee and did some shopping of course! I bought a mascara at Douglas, as my eye-infection has finally gone away. We also went to my favorite low-budget ‘coffee stop’ being nothing else than the very original McCafé. I have always despised McDonalds and can’t remember the last time I ate there, but McCafé: now that’s something different 😀  I always eat a caramel cheese cake and a large fresh orange juice there before raiding the shops!

H&M had some nice things, especially their main shop on Vaci Utca, so my mum bought some clothes for herself and my brother. I also found a practical leather belt that will be perfect for jeans. After that we had to run back to the car juggling plastic bags, umbrellas and our handbags before the parking ticket expired. Luckily we made it in time and went to a Birkenstock store where a bought a pair of shoes that I have wanted for a long time.

new shoes and belt

When we got home we made waffles and watched the educational show, Svenska Hollywood Fruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives) on tv3. It revolves around four Swedish women who either were or are married to a millionaire in Hollywood. The show is very entertaining, as the viewers get a good look at their daily over-the-top life with private jets, speed boats, plastic surgery and luxurious resorts!

Waffles with cream ❤

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Arriba Taqueria

No Robert Pattinson today, but we had lunch at ‘Arriba Taqueria’ near Oktogon Square. It’s a Hungarian Company that offers mexican food with an ‘American approach to service and customer satisfaction.’ The Hungarians aren’t quite known for their hospitality, but the staff is really friendly at this restaurant. An extra bonus for their plastic cups that are made of 100% corn starch which is fully bio-degradable as well as their take-away paper bags made from recyclable materials! 

delicious burito

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