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Dream Prom Dresses

Prom is on saturday at the Marriot hotel. I would love to go but there’s just way too much work to do, and plus, I’m only in 10th grade so I have two more years to dress up and have a great prom night!

Pictures below are from the Cannes film festival and the Metropolitan Museum of Art  Costume Institute gala 2010.

Can you imagine wearing this for prom? B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

Amazing raspberry red dress

Like an extravagant cake!



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I’ve finally decided to post some of the pictures from the Vintage Fashion Show that I helped organize a few weeks ago. Mulan was the amazing photographer and the models looked great with their confident walks and unique clothing! I think this really shows that ec0-friendly clothing can be fun and most definitely personal. I hope we’ll continue this tradition for every earth day because I loved setting up this fashion show! All the proceeds went to support a micro-credit initiative and most of the looks have been sold, so I think we all did a great job.

Evelyn and I introducing the fashion show

Yingzi wearing a cute top that was originally a dress (look designed by Hunter)

Sarah modeling a second-hand blouse and kilt/skirt that was shortened for the show (look designed by Emma)

Hunter modeling her own design: a restyled second-hand shirt

Vidushi rocked the runway wearing a restyled men's shirt (look designed by Hunter)

Balint striking a pose in a studded second-hand GAP sweater (look designed by me and Evelyn)

Florian wearing Hunter's design

Vidushi modeled a unique unique dress that Hunter made from a cardigan

Evelyn was beautiful in the dress that we updated and flower that we added gems to.

Li wore a dress that she made 'backless' and a jacket with added studs (look designed by herself and Lisa)

Lisa wearing vintage and Li with clothes mentioned above (looks designed by themselves)

All the models at the end of the show

I thanked everyone at the end and here Mrs. Malten, who was basically the 'founder' of vintage CAS, can be seen receiving flowers that the designers bought.

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New Bikini

Anyone else ready for the beach?

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Now that I actually bought a second-hand garment, I feel better about the eco-friendly vintage fashion show I helped organize!

Oversize necklace: H&M

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I’ve been fed up with school work recently, sleeping six hours every day, feeling guilty about not doing as well as I want to and so forth, so I just needed to get out of the house today. Forget about everything.

To take my mind off all the stress, I went shopping straight after school with my mum (and brother). We went to Retrock which is a trendy second-hand store with a mix of vintage, printed statement tee-shirts, unique creations from old and new materials, clothes from foreign and Hungarian designers as well as a bunch of accessories. Hanna recommended the store to me, as her mum’s friend is a stylist and knows everything about all the hidden treasures in Budapest.

I instantly fell in love with the store because there was so much charisma and vibrancy to it. It was full of movie posters, expressive images, peace badges and an enormous disco ball hanging from the cieling! After trying a lot of clothes, I ended up buying a dress that I look forwards to wearing.

After Retrock, we walked all the way to Vaci where I bought a bikini, necklace, and a shawl at H&M. To finish the great evening, we ate at the Indian restaurant Indigo. The onion baghies, samosas and chicken korma was delicious, although I’m not quite sure if it’s the best thing to eat before a track meet…

I’m still frustrated at a variety of things concearning school, but shopping really does put your mind of it. “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness did not know what to buy” It couldn’t be more true.

Looking at a top to the right

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Jak and Jil always have beautiful photographs that are so inspiring on their blog. The two pictures below of a mother and her daughter are just too sweet, so I couldn’t resist posting them on my blog!

The little girls remind me of a true fashionista I knew when I used to live in England. My parents knew her parents, and their daughter Paloma was only 5 years old and already dressed in designer clothes from top to toe. I always thought it was so funny speaking to her because she spoke like a typical posh 40-year old when she said, “It’s lovely weather today isn’t it?” Of course her favorite food was smoked salmon, and the family lived in Nottinghill, London. And did I mention her father worked as the Sound Director for Anastacia, The Rolling Stones and Madonna during different parts of his life? Life couldn’t be more fair 😀

Her trench coat and cropped jeans are adorable!

Now that's what I call style!

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Ethical Fashion

I still haven’t written about the great Earth Day Assembly I helped organize. I was so nervous about speaking on stage, but it actually turned out to be great. I imagined myself successful while saying my mini speech, and in the end it turned out much better than I would have dreamed of! Speaking loudly and slowly really fools me into believing that I know exactly what I’m doing and no one can see what I’m feeling on the inside. Strange- I know.

The highlight of the assembly was the fashion show because all the models looked stunning and the blasting Lady Gaga music really gave that extra oomph! From backstage I heard loads of cheering, so I’m sure everyone was impressed.

Now I hope that people will actually bid to buy some of the items! We worked so hard redesigning all these clothes that nobody wanted anymore and the money goes to support micro-credit. It enables women, primarily, to lift themselves out of poverty by lending small amounts of money that go a long way in third-world countries. They then use the money to buy a sewing machine or other equipment they need to realize their entrepreneur dreams come true.

One of the looks that Evelyn and I designed. The dress was originally down to the ankles, and my grandmother wore the belt in the fifties! Of course Agnes was the perfect model and really managed to sell the garment.

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