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All pictures are taken by my brother, Erik


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All pictures are taken by my brother, Erik.

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Yesterday we went into the center of Budapest to celebrate St. Stephen’s day. It’s one of the most important public holidays here and celebrates the foundation of the Hungarian state. Lots of people were out on the streets and took part in the many activities that were on offer. Personally I ‘only’ saw the fireworks with my mum, but my brother was there a couple of hours before to take some great pictures of the air-show. Before the fireworks, we went out for dinner at Pomo d’Oro and talked about the summer and what we’re anticipating for the year ahead. Unfortunately my dad wasn’t with us, but I’ll see him in just a little more than a week.

Although I can’t say I feel any personal connection to Hungary, Budapest will always be one of my favorite cities. The view of the castle and chain bridge always astounds me whenever my mum or dad drive over the bridge to the Buda Side. It really is a special feeling to find a good place by the side of the Danube, along with other crowds of Hungarians around you, and proudly look at the extraordinary 30 minutes of fire-works. (It’s another story that my mum and I were joking about the Hungarian state burning up EU money haha. It really was an outstanding display, but after the 20th minute I felt like …hmmm- maybe they can use this money to step up, something along the lines of their health care for example.) Well I won’t be pessimistic. Budapest is a wonderful city and, it’s with no doubt that, once you’ve lived here for a while: you truly leave a piece of your heart here !

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Budapest <3

Despite having a lot of work, I’ve had a really good weekend actually! My mum and I spontaneously decided to go into town yesterday evening, and I ended up buying 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of shorts in H&M for less than 10,000 forints. It’s great going shopping at 7-9pm on a Saturday because you literally have all the shops to yourself. There was barely anyone in Zara or H&M, so I liked not having to queue for the changing rooms etc.  After that, we went to Alexandria’s impressive café on Andrassy Utca and enjoyed a coffee until they closed.

I’m not quite sure what I want to say, but going for a coffee now and then or just checking out some shops with a friend (or my mum in this case!) really has a lot of social significance. Also, I love having the freedom to go to the center of Budapest and stroll down the most grandiose avenue the city has to offer. There’s something special about peering into the flamboyant designer stores, seeing the grand Basilica lit up to your side, and parking the car only a couple meters away from the opera house. I love it!

Now I just can’t wait to do the same thing but in warmer weather like in the picture below which was last fall:

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Last weekend

This weekend is unfortunately not much like the last one because I have so much homework, studying and projects to do. Looking back on the sunny pictures from a couple of days ago will have to do…

outside the Operahouse

Our next stop was the magnificent Alexandria Bookstore where I bought a Paulo Coelho book (picture borrowed fromhttp://www.spottedbylocals.com/budapest/)

I'm working on a painting inspired by Gustav Klimt in art class, so we decided to see his exhibit at The Museum of Fine Arts. (picture borrowed fromhttp://www.szepmuveszeti.hu/)

Mum outside the museum

We decided to treat ourselves to some macaroons at a café on Andrássy Út


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Yesterday my mum and I had brunch at this place:


It's both a café, home decoration store and bakery


I’m guessing I would have enjoyed it more if it weren’t for a tiny detail, in which the waitress spilled my entire café latte on my lap and leather bag…  I tried to save my favorite bag as much as I could, and to make it even better, there was some almond syrup in the coffee. You can probably figure out that everything became quite sticky after that. To compensate, we got some macarons and many sorries. And as a result, I have a two-toned leather bag and a pair of jeans in the bin.

Well well, I wasn’t going to let that incident destroy our outing, so I ate my “6 types of sandwiches” and tried to ignore the fact that I was wearing damp jeans and smelt of roasted coffee beans! After that, I whizzed home to change and my mum and I continued our adventuresome outing. (Update coming soon!)

To finish off, I can recommend Villa Bagatelle to anyone who wants to eat at a very sophisticated café à la Ralph Lauren interior and doesn’t mind spending a couple of thousand forints on a minuscule quiche. Most of the their food is organic, and it was actually quite pleasant sitting on the veranda in the morning sun. Nevertheless, it won’t be a place I’ll be returning to.

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A few weekends ago:

The Silver Tree

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