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A week ago, I had a really fun opportunity to be a make-up ‘model’ for my mum’s manicurist. She’s learning to become a professional make-up artist, and she needs as much experience as possible. She asked to practice on me because of my extremely fair skin and typical ‘scandinavian’ appearance, but she also said that I apparently have Asian eyes?!? hehe Well, I really enjoyed it and I was able practice my french as well because she prefers speaking that over English.

At the very beginning

After I was done, she experimented on my mum together with her ‘teacher.’ However, my mum was much more conservative after she saw how much make-up she put on me. I asked for a light make-up, but it ended up being pretty heavy (according to me). So in response my mum kept on saying in rusty french, “très très peu maquillage!”

final look


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Wardrobe update

I forgot to upload the pictures of some of the clothes I got and more materialistic things for christmas. The wii sports resort game is addictive, and I love how it actually makes me exercise over the break!

My brother and I get very competitive!

and of course some HM!

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Today has been a stressful day at school as usual. There’s projects, essays, presentations and homework. As soon as I came home, my french/math tutor helped me with pre calculus homework and I’m now taking a short break between all the studying.

Below are some pictures of my bathroom favorites right now.


The Body Shop-Almond Body Butter (lovely scent)


Face Stockholm- Eye dust (electric eyes)

Matrix Essentials -selaing serum (great for frizzy hair in the mornings)

Matrix Essentials -selaing serum (great for frizzy hair in the mornings)


Philosophy-primer (shine control)


Lancôme -make-up palette (perfect for going out during the weekends)


MAC -mineralize skin finish (effective touch-up)


Dior- Miss Dior Chérie L'eau (timeless classic)


L'occitane en Provence- Hand Cream (terrific moisturizer with 20% shea butter)

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